A Thought on Rules – What Should I do?

You know how we used to always be told that we should drink so much water per day, but that the tea/coffee we drank shouldn’t be included in that?

A couple of years ago I read a report where scientists said that you could include them as part of your daily water requirement. Still I hear that you need to drink extra water when you have coffee because coffee dehydrates you. It gets confusing after a while. What should you believe?

What’s the best advice to take?

This sort of thing goes around a lot. There are lots of rules and recommendations and guidelines for how we should eat, and behave, and exercise, etc. Every year we hear different diet rules, and these will be found in newspapers, and on websites, and propagated by friends, and experts on TV. Then we all go off and obey the rule of the day. That rule changes and we change, or perhaps over time we get fed up of the rules and changes and don’t know who to trust any more.

What about what I feel myself?

I’m not arguing that any of these ideas are wrong (or right), but the thing is, that with all of this extra information that’s available, we tend to ignore one of our most valuable sources of information, ourselves.

Our own self knowledge and intuition. If I paid less attention to all the rules and advice, and paid more attention to my own body on a day to day basis I might be better off. Perhaps if I notice my thirst levels, and how often I need to pee and keep in mind how much coffee I drink on a particular day I’ll come up with my own best rules.

Who knows best?

We live in a world now where advice and information is more available than ever before, however I believe that you are the best informed to make choices about your own life. Of course, it’s good to collect information and be guided by it, but you make the choice at the end of the day, so don’t ignore your own information (Thoughts / Instincts / Feelings).

2 thoughts on “A Thought on Rules – What Should I do?”

  1. We certainly need to listen to our own bodies, but we also need to listen to those who know what is best in general health terms, however, there is an unfortunate tendancy in some people to listen to people who don’t know, so we should check people’s credentials before following their rules. As you say though, the final decision of what to do it always up to us.

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