Chrome OS and USB-C Adaptors

The main focus of this post is on my testing of Chrome OS with USB-C Adaptors I mentioned before that because my new Asus Chromebook Flip only has USB-C ports I need to use adapters. In fairness, I like the idea of using only the USB-C ports. This Chromebook uses them for everything (there’s a […]

How I use the Crossover App to run Windows apps on my Chromebook

It’s my preference to use web apps only on my Chromebook. Mostly that’s for two reasons: Because that’s what Chromebooks are really designed for. Because web apps are cross-platform and should work on every device. I’m big into the idea that our software now should be platform agnostic and we should be able to use […]

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

This post isn’t a treatise on which is better, nor is it necessarily my own opinion on which is better. Being honest I am leaning more towards Google Sheets right now because I’m using a Chromebook as my main device. I do like to immerse myself completely in the ecosystem of a device and see […]

My Second Chromebook (ASUS Chromebook Flip C302)

I bought my first Chromebook (The Acer Chromebook CB3-431) in November 2016. I bought it at the time as a kind of present for myself, and kind of because my windows laptop was giving me so much trouble. Also, I had been interested in Chromebooks since I first heard Google was thinking of developing Chrome […]