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I was recently looking for a better photo editor that would work on my Chromebook. Chromebooks do work offline but they were built to work online and online photo editing was always one of the ones that seemed impossible. I found Photopea recently and so far I’m very impressed. So impressed actually that I paid for the ad removal. Even though the app can be used free.

Photopea was built as a simple online version as Photoshop. It’s a pared down alternative. I don’t know if it would meet the needs of a professional Photoshop user. For me though, on my Chromebook, it’s great. It’s very fast. You just go to and start using it. Once you open the page in your browser you can go offline and it still works. It’s amazing that such a thing works so well and another testament to the future of web apps.

I tried the Gimp on my Chromebook (running it as a Linux app). It worked but I found it a bit big and unwieldy for my needs. Like all such apps, it’s slow to load. I’ve also tried a few other online and Android apps on my Chromebook. In many cases, they are more akin to photo editing on Instagram than Photoshop. They don’t give you much control. Every function tends to be in the form of a filter or wizard.

Photopea is great in that it is built to be like Photoshop. I can go in and use it the way I want. Mostly I use it to edit website graphics or something for other things like editing a photo or graphic for a presentation. I can have it open in an instant and it works well on even a low powered Chromebook.

I love the fact that it’s online so I don’t have to install or update it. If I switch to a different Chromebook or a windows device I can use Photopea just as easily without having to set it up or transfer my work. And because I’m using Google Drive, everything is available to me no matter what device I’m working from.

If you’re looking for a photo editing app, and especially if you’re on a Chromebook, definitely try it out. If you like it and use it a lot then consider paying for it and I’m sure it’ll get even better. I believe web apps are the future, but we have to support them in order to make that future real.